What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Can This Help Your MLM?

What’s affiliate marketing? This is a query that’s being asked more and more by network marketers from all over. Folks claim that they can make thousands of bucks every month in affiliate commissions on auto-pilot while simply networking with folks to join their MLM companies. How are they able to do that and are you a networker currently missing out on a potentially huge extra income?

Today’s review highlights how you might generate multiple sources of income using online marketng. The idea of affiliate marketing was first launched to the world back in 1994 where CD retailer ‘CDNOW ‘ took advantage on enrolling people to their affiliate program in order to assist in selling their products. Affiliates were paid commissions per sale and used their own basic web pages to help promote the product online. This proved to be a great platform for both the retailer and affiliate as the company managed to sell millions of CD’s worldwide and the affiliate was able to generate a great income in the process. Other online companies first asked the question “what is affiliate marketing” and then jumped on board setting up their own affiliate programs.

Moving now to today and thousands on thousands of firms have set up their own affiliate programs which have seen affiliate marketing specialists working with multiple companies generating 6 and even 7 figure incomes in the process which is great. Everything from wedding outfits to gold and silver coins have affiliate programs attached which implies you have a large range of choice regarding what products to market. In some cases affiliates can even generate revenue by customers clicking on your link, “yes you did read correctly, you can make cash by individuals solely clicking on a link” as well as filling out easy surveys or entering basic contact information.

In recent times network marketers have jumped on board with this cash generating trend, although what is affiliate marketing in relation to your mlm business and how can this help build your down line? The reality is affiliate marketing has nothing to do with growing your down line; affiliate marketing is something that networkers have put in place to create a frontend revenue. More and more network marketers are turning towards the internet everyday to market their business that has proven to be extremely successful. Using the full range of attraction marketing ( personal branding ) strategies may require you to set up blogs and other lead capture pages, these are very good places where you can place your affiliate links and banners that consumers can click and make purchases which generates you revenue.

it is very important for network marketers to have affiliations with companies whose goods and services are in relation to Multi-Level Marketing or something along those lines i.e. Network marketing eBooks, lead generation solutions for example. There is no point adding a wedding dress connection to a blog which has nothing to do with that niche whatsoever. Multi-Level Marketing online giants like Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd etc who all have their own affiliate programs might have products more acceptable to your niche. Some shoppers may not need to buy any of your own products neither may they need to become involved in your down line, if they’re acquainted with giants like Mike or Jonathan and see a link on your website if they click and make a purchase then you’ll be credited with a commission which is great. The tracking that most affiliate firms have is top class that means even if shoppers buy at later on directly from the company website or another source you will continue to be credited as the system recognises that your website was the first place the buyer learned about the product.

Working in this fashion correctly can help you generate thousands every month all on auto pilot. Building your network marketing business and making these extra commissions on the frontend is a fantastic revenue stream and will help to form your financial independence quicker than normal conventional methods. This is how some network marketers are able to say they even generate revenue from people who say no to their primary opportunity.

Hopefully today’s article answers some of your questions about what is affiliate marketing, however how on earth are you going to be in a position where you can promote affiliates etc. Setting up blogs and lead squeeze pages is much too difficult and pricey so will this truly work? Luckily there are pre designed systems out here which will give you all of the tools and information that you need to start creating a big online presence which also permits multiple affiliations of your choice, this all forms part of your internet enterprise. Setting up your mlm business online can be inexpensive with many marketing methods being free.

In summary what is affiliate marketing and how can this help your M.L.M? Using affiliate marketing combined with network marketing will have you generating multiple sources of income potentially on autopilot. It allows us to capitalise on maximum takings while helping people find exactly what they are looking for regardless whether or not the individual wants to join our primary business. Internet marketing leaders including Mike Dillard, Brian Fanale, Cedrick Harris, Jonathan Budd etc all use this similar methodology.

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