Chaos Begets Opportunity – Even in Real Estate

Consumer Confidence has literally tanked due to the fall-out in real estate and the credit crunch. These hard times in real estate are affecting the stock market, retail sales and small business. However, in chaos there is always opportunity – Always! So where is the opportunity in real estate, how can you make money on this bubble bursted collapse?

Well, it just so happens that the other day I was streamlining my library and chucked some books into a box going to the Goodwill, then I grabbed one, and thought well maybe I should re-read a few chapters in this one, scan the material once more. Interesting indeed, the book in question:

“A Fortune at Your Feet – How you can get rich, stay rich, and enjoy being rich with Creative Real Estate” by A.D. Kessler – 1981.

Do you have what it takes to make money in real estate, using A.D. Kessler’s creative methods? We all know A.D. Kessler as a real estate guru, late night infomercial hype guys and this book is an extension of that type of methodology. Secure real estate with no money down, make deals, find foreclosures, make negotiations and build wealth. A.D. Kessler was one of the first real estate guys of this type and had a very successful magazine on creative real estate, and trained many real estate professionals to use his system and methods to achieve wealth.

With the real estate market crashed and foreclosures running ramped his books and advice are now becoming very popular once again. How do you find the best properties to buy? How do you find tax lien sales, how do you find properties that are distress sales? A.D. Kessler’s book discusses all this and more. If you are ready to do a little homework, you might find yourself in a position of opportunity during this drastic time of chaos in the real estate markets.

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